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Custom software development

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TRI-S is specialized in custom software development, mainly using .NET and Angular technologies. We have developed a framework that allows us to quickly start the development of the requested features without spending too much time on boilerplate code.

By focussing on web technologies, the applications we build can be used accross multiple devices (PC's, tablets, ...) and platforms (Windows, Android, iOS, ...).

TRI-S is specialized in administrative/financial applications but has a track record in other sectors as well (energy, production,...).

Why choose custom software ?

There is often the question of "why" when discussing custom software development versus packaged software.

The main reasons to choose packaged software are: cost effectiveness and regular updates of the functionality. Those are very valid reasons and I believe that if there is a packaged solution available, that should be your preference.  But you have to be willing to adapt your work processes to the approach of the packaged solution. If that is not a problem or your work processes already match that solution, then the packaged solution is definitely your best choice.

If there is a lot of customization to the packaged solution that is required, you'll have to look at the cost that is entails: that additional cost might be quite high and might even exceed the initial licensing cost. Take into account that much of the customizations that are programmed will also again ensue migration costs with each upgrade of the application.

I have knowledge of several companies who no longer dare to upgrade their packaged ERP application because there is so much customization that the cost (in money and/or downtime) of upgrading is too high. This actually defeats the main reasons of choosing a packaged solution.

Developing custom software has a higher initial cost compared to the licensing cost of packaged software but often a lower cost compared to the licensing cost of packaged software when combined with its customizations.
Each change or addition of functionality to custom software will result in additional costs: there are no regular updates of the functionality other than those that you request.
The main advantage to custom software is that you'll have software that matches your work processes and company identity the closest as possible.

The decision chart below represents these considerations. Also note that there are of course other elements that must be considered too like the required flexibility of the solution or the integrations that must be realized with other existing solutions.

Decision flowchart custom vs packaged software

Decision flowchart custom software vs packaged software